Pt. 1 - Abortion, Leaky Courts, Human-Person Dichotomy, and Societal Responsibility

Roe v. Wade is poised to being overturned in the near future and the screeching has begun. Every Christian needs to be ready to give a reasoned defense not only for the hope that is in them but also for their pro-life/abolitionist values. Note: you cannot separate your values from your faith in Christ, it’s not possible.


Nathan and I talk through the current events related to Roe and Casey, and then dig deep into the philosophical underpinnings propping up the abortion discussion. We even introduce the end all be all apologetic to use against pro-choice (pro-abortion) aggressors. You’re going to love it.






Sotomayor’s remarks:


BioMed Central - abortion reasons study


Article: Abortion is Anti-Capitalism


New College Franklin


Good Fight Outfitters


All things Christ and Capital:  ———————-SUBSCRIBE











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My additions: clips from Jay Richards, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jeff Durbin, and Gary North.


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